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Becoming a Governor

All Governors are appointed by the Corporation after it has taken advice and noted the recommendations of the Search and Governance Committee.

  1. When a vacancy arises, the Clerk will seek applications to join the Corporation through advertisement in the local press and by written invitation to suitable stakeholder organisations. Governors may also suggest potential candidates.
  2. All applicants for membership of the Corporation are required to complete an application form and equal opportunities monitoring form.
  3. The Search and Governance Committee will assess all applications for membership of the Corporation against criteria identified in the Policy for Membership of the Corporation.
  4. The Clerk will contact the applicant(s) meeting the criteria for an informal discussion on the role, responsibilities and commitment required of a Governor.
  5. The applicant(s) meeting the criteria will be invited for an interview by members of the Search and Governance Committee to discuss the role and responsibilities of a Governor and how their relevant professional and personal experiences would contribute to the governance of the College.
  6. After the interview, the Search and Governance Committee will decide upon the advice to be given to the Corporation.
  7. On Corporation approval of the recommendation of the Search and Governance Committee, the Clerk will write to the applicant(s) to confirm their membership of Harlow College Further Education Corporation.
  8. The Clerk will arrange for Governor training to commence through induction and the Pair Scheme.