About the course

The Health Science pathway is a platform that leads allied health professions which include Paramedics, Physiotherapy, Radiography as well as Chiropractic to name a few.  Access to Health Science is designed for adults seeking a career path in a science related profession. The programme begins by helping you to understand the basic concepts of Biology and you will progress to learn about health and disease through existing medical research. In Term 2 you will carry out your own research project in the laboratory. Alongside this you will learn core study skills that will prepare you for University. The Access to Health Science Professions requires commitment and dedication and will provide a challenging yet fun learning environment towards your career goals. 


1 year

Entry requirements

Level 2 English and/or Maths.

We will consider exceptions to this requirement, subject to any other qualifications or evidence of the required competencies.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Those wanting to go to university but without the required qualifications (e.g. A Levels, BTEC Diploma)
  • Those with a specific interest in Health Sciences (e.g. Paramedic Science, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Forensic Science, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Chiropractic, Bioscience and Biomedical Science).

Please note: there is no upper age limit for this course.

How much does it cost?


If you're aged 19+ you can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan.
Contact Us or call 01279 868100 to get the most up-to-date info on fees and the financial support that may be available.

Awarding body


Why study?

Our students find this course challenging but also fun and interesting. If you have an interest in Health Sciences or are interested in a career in Allied Health care but do not have the relevant or required qualifications to progress, this course will provide you wish those skills to give you a head start. Access to HE provides an excellent preparation for mature students wanting to go to university but who may not have recent study experience or the qualifications required. The course also offers many transferable skills desirable in today’s job market.

Where will this course take me?

A high percentage of our students progress onto University on a variety of courses. Students are also able to progress onto employment or other training and development. The Access diploma will give you a solid grounding for when you commence your university degree, (BA, BSc), Foundation Degree or Higher National Diploma.

Some careers that Access to Health Science Professions can lead to include: 

  • Paramedic
  • Radiographer
  • Physiotherapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Lab Technician

There are also opportunities within Pathology, Phlebotomy and Marine Biology. 

Ungraded Modules

HE Study Skills (Level 3, 9 credits)

Introductory Mathematics for Science (Level 2, 3 credits)


Introduction to Chemistry (Level 3, 3 credits)


Introduction to Biology (Level 3, 3 credits)


Examination Skills (Level 3, 3 credits

Graded Modules

Foundations of Biology (Level 3, 6 credits)

Introduction to Biological Science - Microscopy (Level 3, 3 credits)

Health and Disease - An Introduction (Level 3, 3 credits)

DNA & Cell Replication (Level 3, 3 credits)

Research Project - Methodology (Level 3, 6 credits)

Research Skills for Biological Sciences (Level 3, 6 credits)

Human Physiology: Body Systems (Level 3, 6 credits)

Human Biology: Body Systems (Level 3, 3 credits)

Endocrine System (Level 3, 3 credits)

Cells Tissues and Organs (Level 3, 6 credits)

How will I be assessed?

Various, including:

  • Written reports
  • Written Tests
  • Essays
  • Practical Assessments
  • Presentations
  • Log books
  • Research
  • Interviews
  • Group work
  • Role play

Will I have to provide anything?

You will need basic equipment such as pens, paper and a USB memory stick.

I'm interested. What should I do now?

Call 01279 868100 and talk to an Admissions Adviser
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