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Retail & Commercial

Chef de Partie Apprenticeship

A chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen. This type of chef usually manages a small team of workers, which they must keep organised so that dishes go out on time and the work area remains clean and orderly. However, in smaller kitchens a chef de partie may work independently as the only person in their section. Also known as a station or section chef, the chef de partie reports to the senior chef and has a very important role in any kitchen.

Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship

A Customer Service Practitioner plays an important role within a business organisation, delivering high quality products and services to their customers. Employers recognise the key role customer-facing staff play in determining the quality of the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty. As a Customer Service Apprentice, your exact duties will depend on your employer but may include: communicating effectively with customers face to face, in writing, digitally, or by telephone; resolving problems and improving customer relations; promoting products and services; keeping records, meet-and-greet; gathering customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction. This type of work requires strong communication, negotiation and flexibility skills. You may be the first point of contact for your organisation, and with your transferrable skills, work in any sector or organisation type.

Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship

Responsible for coordinating and delivering marketing activities which could include marketing content creation, background market and customer research, monitoring campaign analytics and collecting data, using relevant marketing software/systems, maintaining marketing administration activities.

Recruitment Resourcer Apprenticeship

The recruitment resourcer apprenticeship is aimed at someone who works within a recruitment function of an organisation. Their role is to identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business brief and provide resourcing support to the recruitment function. They may also be required to identify new business opportunities.