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Try a Traineeship


Get 'Work Ready' with a Traineeship

A Traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience. It's focused on giving you the skills and experience you need to get a job, either directly or through an Apprenticeship.

If you're motivated and looking for work, including an Apprenticeship, this course could be for you. It's a mix of college-based and employer-based activities that will improve your skills and give you the experience that employers are looking for.

It's designed so that you can move into employment as soon as a suitable vacancy becomes available.

What You'll Study

Work Placement

Duration: 6 weeks to 5 month

Meaningful work experience
Learn new skills on-the-job to improve your employment prospects

Work Preparation Training – Employability Skills

Duration: Up to 20 weeks

Employability Skills Qualification
Get ready for work and learn essential skills on how to apply for and be successful in your job

Maths & English

Duration: Up to 20 weeks

Maths Qualification
Learn how to use maths in everyday life
English Qualification
Learn how to improve your speaking, writing and communication skills

Vocational Activity

Duration: Up to 20 weeks

Learn essential skills for working in different business sectors, including IT, customer service, construction, retail and hospitality.


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