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About the course

This course will give students the potential opportunity to progress to employment or progress within employment in a wide range of job roles across the information technology sector and creative industries, for example in roles such as software engineer, website content manager, computer animator, helpdesk support and graphic designer.

Entry requirements

4 GCSEs grades 2 - 3 or equivalent and minimum Level 1 in Maths and English

Awarding Body


Why study?

Units 1 & 2 provide learners with the opportunity to gain broad knowledge and understanding of, and develop skills in, the Information and Creative Technology sector.

Digital units – These units have an emphasis on creativity to create/develop computer-based products or systems, and the convergence of some arts-based subjects with information technology. Typically, learners could be asked to produce short clips of animation for use on TV or a pod cast for on-line radio. Learners may be asked to create 3D models for use in a game or 2D art for purposes of advertising within a website.

Developmental units – These units focus on ‘mini-projects’, the production of websites, databases and spreadsheets. Being able to store and manipulate data is a key feature of modern IT systems.

Where will this course take me?

The chance to be self-employed – it's not unusual to go freelance, work as a contractor or even start your own tech company! 

Opportunities to work abroad – many large IT companies have branches or subsidiaries in other countries! 

A higher than average starting salary – After completing higher level qualifications!

Possible job roles:

  • Programmer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Website Admin
  • Digital Animator
  • IT Support

Core modules

  • The Online World
  • Technology Systems
  • A Digital Portfolio

Optional modules

  • Creating Digital Animation 
  • Creating Digital Audio
  • Creating Digital Graphics 
  • Creating Digital Video
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Spreadsheet Development 
  • Database Development 
  • Website Development

How will I be assessed?

Units 1 & 2 are exam and the rest of the units are assessed by coursework

I'm interested. What should I do now?

Call 01279 868100 and talk to an Admissions Adviser
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Funding Your Course

If you're aged 19 or over and you want to study A Levels, an Access to Higher Education Diploma, or a Level 3 to 6 Vocational Qualification, you could be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan.