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A series of art courses running throughout 2017/18, each lasting six weeks (two courses per term). Each course can be booked individually, in any order and at various times, or undertaken as an entire year course of study to form a body of work. The choice is yours!

Information Technology Extended Diploma

ICT has transformed the way we do business, recreation and culture. This Level 3 course will prepare you for a variety of careers in the IT world, or for moving on to higher education studies. You will learn the business, technical, interpersonal and project skills needed in modern IT and telecommunications roles. It is a practical, work-related course; you learn by completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands.

Our kitchens are equipped to a high professional standard

Introduction to Professional Cookery

This is a hands-on programme to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be a professional chef. It will open doors to various sectors of the food industry and provide you with all the workplace essentials. Throughout the course you will gain high level cookery skills in our state-of-the art facilities, along with other fundamentals such as hygiene, health & safety, teamwork and customer care.

IT Application Specialist Apprenticeship

The IT specialist role plays an important support role within a business organisation. IT application specialists provide support and assistance to colleagues to make effective use of available IT systems and software. IT user skills are required for over 72% of job roles and over 90% of new posts specially require IT user skills. As an IT Application Specialist Apprentice, your exact duties will depend on your employer. It's likely that you'll be working with a team or member of staff to handle various tasks. You may be providing support to other staff members, working on a helpdesk, creating and amending many types of formatted information including documents, diagrams, spreadsheets and presentations. This type of work requires a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail. One of the great things about IT Application Specialist is that you can work almost anywhere, with your transferable skills; you could be working in an IT systems centre, large global organisation or maybe a small independent company.

IT Practitioner Apprenticeship

This is an ideal qualification for the budding IT professional and is suitable for those in a wide range of job roles. While you are working you can learn and gain an industry recognised IT qualification. Businesses across the country are increasingly realising the enormous benefits that an apprenticeship provides, not only in terms of creating a highly skilled workforce but also by boosting productivity and staff retention. We know employers directly benefit from these highly trained apprentices.

IT User NVQ Level 3

This NVQ provides you with the competence, skills and knowledge to work effectively and efficiently with IT systems, communications and productivity tools and applications in a range of job roles and industry sectors.