UCAS Information – STAC Engineering

The new academic year in autumn 2020 started later than usual for the College, with the first day of teaching being Monday 14th September. This was to allow additional time for implementing plans for the return of both staff and learners to campus, whilst also completing the more time-consuming processes of online enrolment for all learners. In addition to these missed sessions, learners also experienced reduced contact time; in order to reduce the total number of learners on campus, we operated a two-week timetable, whereby learners were on campus for one week and then working from home completing independent study during the next week. We have, in essence, halved the contact time that learners have with their Tutors. This has been further compounded by the fact that some individuals and in some cases, whole groups, were asked to move for periods of time, to online learning due to enforced self-isolations.

So far this academic year we have returned to face to face delivery, operating a close-to-normal model. However, within the first half-term some individuals and groups have had periods of online learning due to localised outbreaks.  

Our staff and learners have showed amazing resilience against the ever-challenging backdrop of this pandemic. However, we strongly believe that given the opportunity that they would have had in previous years to attend college on a full-time basis and without the additional pressures on family finances and their general wellbeing, they would have achieved their full potential and gained higher grades than they will this year.