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Supported Studies

We offer a range of one year programmes for students with mild to moderate learning difficulties or disabilities aged 16-24. Our aim is to prepare students towards independent living, paid employment and good health as well as community inclusion. Working alongside the Preparing for Adulthood agenda, all the elements of the course are based on what young people say are important to them! All programmes will receive enterprise and innovation projects, work experience and English and maths.

Our Supported Studies programmes are tailored to each individual person’s needs. They’re designed to help you learn, progress and succeed to desired outcomes. We’ll work with you in one-to-one tutorials and enterprise based projects to help you reach your goals. You will learn essential employability skills, be involved in community-based projects and take part in sport and wellbeing activities.

Our Into Work Programme will allow you to gain confidence and independence while preparing you for a work placement within a supportive environment. You could also progress to a Level 1 course at Harlow College in many different areas.

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Towards Independence and Work

This programme is ideal for students who are new to Supported Studies and need to start to develop the skills towards Preparing for Adulthood including living independently and beginning to think about work experience opportunities. Towards Independence and Work will give our students the time they need to make progress in life skills and educationally through diverse areas and subjects including English and Maths, creative Arts and Independent and Employment Skills. We also have a strong emphasis on health and wellbeing including ​looking after your mental health, mindfulness, ​adopting a growth mindset and ​taking part in activities such as yoga. 

This programme also offers support for learners during break and lunch times, including help with building friendships and relationships. Learners will also have the opportunity to take part in coaching sessions as well as social sessions to help develop their social and communication skills. As their confidence grows, so will their ability to achieve more than they thought or believed was possible. ​We are also able to make referrals with Essex Travel Training to develop your young person’s confidence in travelling independently and this can be incorporated into their program of study.


This is a bespoke course aiming to prepare students for future paid employment, developing working skills and independent living and working towards a Supported Internship. Its aims are to find work placements in the learners’ area of interested where they can learn new skills on the job. Throughout the year individuals will have taster sessions in a variety of areas, allowing more flexibility when it comes to choosing a chosen career path in the future. The course leads to the Supported Internship study programme, where our learners can experience work in real employment roles within the community while benefiting from a high level of support.

Links to Work

The Links to Work course is typically a follow up path after our students have completed the Towards Independence and Work programme. This course aims to prepare students for future paid employment, developing working skills and independent living and working towards a Supported Internship as part of our Into Work programme. It aims to build up students' confidence and abilities to continue their training towards a professional life. The course involves practicing interview skills, participating in varied work experience, and completing CV's all to help them progress into the working world.  Learners also continue working on their Maths and English skills in order to once again prepare them for employment, as well as taking part in activities to support their own health and wellbeing.

Into Work

The In to Work course is for learners who are looking to move into employment and wish to develop their confidence and skills in order to support their chosen career pathway. The main aim of the programme is to support, prepare and build employability skills ready for the workplace and where possible move into paid employment.

Initially students attend College 3 days per week and engage in session including, Employment Project, Independent Skills and Tutorials on specific subjects, relevant to the Learner’s progression. 

We work in partnership with Local and National organisations, Parents and Carers and the learner to highlight areas of interest and identify suitable placements or Supported Internships. Once a placement is sourced learners are supported by an Employment Coach to assist with the transition into the workplace. 

The Employment Coaches monitor their progress and allow them to develop in the role until they no longer require support and can perform the role independently and with confidence. When placements are confirmed learners will then increase their working week depending on the needs of the Employer and the role. This is a very supportive course for those who are ready to take the first steps into employment. 

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