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The Further Education Corporation of Harlow College is governed by a Board of Governors made up of elected members, appointed members, staff members, students and the College Principal. Governors have a wide range of skills and a high level of commitment to the college, its staff and students, and to the residents and employers of Harlow, West Essex and East Herts.

Minutes of Meetings

Instrument and Articles of Government

Financial Statements


The Corporation is responsible for:

  • The determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the institution and for the oversight of its activities
  • Approving the quality strategy of the institution
  • The effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the institution and for safeguarding their assets
  • Approving annual estimates of income and expenditure
  • The appointment, grading, suspension, dismissal and determination of pay of senior post holders, including the Director of Governance
  • Setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff

The Corporation has established the following Committees: Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, Resources Committee, Search and Governance Committee and Standards and Curriculum Committee. The Corporation and Committees meet regularly and as a minimum, once a term.

The role of the Governor is now more important than ever. Training is provided to keep Governors up-to-date and to develop the skills to meet the requirements and responsibilities required to fulfil this role.

The Clerk to the Governors is Ruth Lucas. The Clerk is appointed by the Corporation and is responsible for ensuring that all the activities of the Corporation are conducted according to the procedures and powers granted by Parliament and good practice identified by the funding agencies.

Please feel free to email Ruth:  should you need any further information about the Corporation.

Annual Report & Financial Statements 2022

Harlow College Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021-22

Annual Report & Financial Statements 2023

Harlow College Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022-23