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If you're aged 19 or over and you want to study A Levels, an Access to Higher Education Diploma, or a Level 3 to 6 Vocational Qualification, you could be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan.

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A Levels

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If you enjoy academic learning and want to study a broad range of subjects, A Levels could be the perfect option for you. They are valued by employers and universities and are a popular entry route into higher education.


At Harlow College we offer a choice of 18 A Levels plus five BTEC subjects in our specialist
Sixth Form Centre. Most of our students study four AS and three A2 subjects over their two years with us. Some subjects have an element of coursework, but the majority of assessment will be through the end of course exams.


After the completion of full A Levels, students can progress to university, to an Apprenticeship or to employment in a variety of specialist areas. Whether you want to be a marine biologist, lawyer, teacher or work in the pharmaceutical industries, A Levels can get you there. 

A Levels are highly valued by colleges, universities and employers. They're the first step on the path to a great career. At Harlow College we offer a choice of 18 A Levels in our specialist Sixth Form Centre. Most of our students study four AS and three A2 subjects over their two years with us. Last year our students achieved a record-breaking 99% A Level pass rate in their examinations. About our Sixth Form

Applied Science

This is the course for someone who loves 'hands on' Science. It combines in-depth study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, whilst developing core skills in English and Mathematics. You will spend most of your college time in laboratories, carrying out a variety of practical scientific investigations. It is an appropriate course for anyone wishing to pursue a career in any of the science industries and for those who wish to study Science at university. The course lasts for two years and the Extended Diploma is equivalent to three A Levels in Science.

Art AS & A Level

Explore a range of media, processes and techniques. You will also explore images, artefacts and resources that relate to art from the past and present, both European and non-European. You will demonstrate your response to this art though practical and critical activities that show your understanding of different styles, genres and traditions. You will explore drawing using a variety of methods and media.

Biology AS & A Level

The course covers a wide range of biology topics, from basic biochemistry and cell structure, body systems such as the digestive and respiratory systems, photosynthesis, genetics and inheritance, ecology and classification. A variety of teaching and learning strategies will be used throughout the course. Practical work is an important part of this course and students will complete a number of experiments, working on their practical skills and application of knowledge.

Business AS & A Level

This course covers a wide range of business topics, provides a broad overview of how business works and will increase your knowledge and understanding of the modern business world. Topics covered include: business classifications; objectives and influences; business functions; finance; cash flow and insolvency; strategic management; marketing management and managing teams.

Chemistry AS & A Level

A Level Chemistry builds upon the knowledge gained at GCSE but explores it much further. It is a demanding and hugely rewarding subject that encourages deep learning and develops higher-order skills. This course covers a wide range of chemistry topics that build from the basics of formulae writing, calculating chemical quantities and atomic structure. We examine the application of these core principles, in the context of intermediate bonding and the effects of intermolecular forces and redox reactions, organic chemistry, equilibria, transition metals and organic nitrogen chemistry. This conceptual learning is underpinned by practical skills.

Computer Science AS & A Level

This course is intended to give students a technical grounding in the main aspects of computer systems: hardware, software, communications, and data. The development of programming concepts and skills is a central theme of the course. In addition, the impact of computers within society are also examined.

English Language AS & A Level

If you're interested in the power of words and you're keen to discover how written and spoken language works in our changing world, then this is the course for you. Both dynamic and relevant, it explores how our language has evolved over time. You will explore a variety of contexts, genres and audiences and there is also the opportunity to produce your own creative writing.

English Literature AS & A Level

If you love reading literature and want to understand how world famous writers have crafted their work, then this course is perfect for you. We examine a range of plays, poetry and prose texts in depth, debate interpretations and discover new and interesting meanings. We explore the social, political, historical and cultural contexts and examine how language can offer a variety of meanings. The texts that are chosen for study are connected through a mainstream literary genre. Tragedy and comedy have a long tradition in literature, with their origins in the ancient world and are still relevant to this day.

French AS & A Level

Learning a language isn't just intellectually stimulating – it can help you enormously in your other studies and widen your future employment opportunities. On this course you'll explore a variety of fascinating topics, like popular hobbies, family and relationships, pollution and protecting the planet, wealth and poverty and the impact of scientific and technical progress. During this process you'll develop your vocabulary so that you can speak and write with confidence.

Further Mathematics A Level

This qualification builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding set out in the whole GCSE subject content for Mathematics and the subject content for AS and A Level Mathematics.

Geography AS & A Level

This subject combines aspects of human and physical geography. Students will look at how landscapes are formed and shaped, and begin to understand the value and vulnerability of the resources the Earth provides. Alongside this students will learn about how and why patterns in human settlement and migration have changed over the years, alongside aspects of social change such as rebranding and development of areas and consumerism patterns.

History AS & A Level

Henry Ford said that "History is more or less bunk". The aim of this History course is to develop your analytical skills through the interpretation and evaluation of evidence, so that you can judge for yourself. You will be challenged to make judgements on controversial issues and you'll gain an understanding of significant political, social, economic and religious events. History at Harlow College has been designed to offer a balanced and wide range of units from different time periods and countries that meet the interests of our learners.

Law A Level (BTEC Certificate & Subsidiary Diploma)

The BTEC Law course gives you an understanding of the English legal system and will not only give you a taste of what it is like to study law but also what it is may be like to work in the legal profession. This course is designed to provide you with the skills that you will require working in the legal sector. However it is also a recognised Level 3 qualification which is accepted by most universities. This qualification may be mixed with other AS/A2 Levels to provide access to higher education, or used directly to help secure employment within various sectors, including the legal sector.

Mathematics A Level

The study of mathematics is intellectually challenging and forms the basis of many scientific disciplines. This course covers a variety of mathematics subjects, the specifics of which depend on the units completed. 

Media Studies AS & A Level

We're bombarded with messages and imagery 24/7 by the entertainment industry, advertisers, the press and government. Media Studies is a fast-paced and dynamic course that will teach you to analyse communication in the world around you. This is an exceptionally interesting and lively contemporary subject and is a very popular choice at A Level.

Philosophy AS & A Level

This qualification is designed to give a thorough grounding in the key concepts and methods of philosophy. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the big questions in a purely secular context.

Photography AS & A Level

Photography is so much more than point and click! It opens up a whole world of creative expression and gives you the opportunity to comment on contemporary issues. This course offers you the opportunity to explore the exciting world of photography by doing practical projects as well as researching the work of existing photographers, in a combination of practical and written work. It's completely digital and will give you the opportunity to be very creative and produce lots of stunning images.

Physics AS & A Level

Physics enables you to study everything in the Universe, from the absolute smallest particles (quarks) to the largest structures known to man (galaxies). How does it accomplish this? By using mathematics to describe the patterns we observe in experiments. By discovering these patterns, Physics has served as a foundation for most of the engineering and technology we have today. Smartphones and cars, space stations and robots, skyscrapers and the internet, all of these have been built using Physics. So as Britain becomes more technologically advanced, the demand for engineers and physicists is higher than ever. This course is your first step towards not only entering those careers, but understanding some of the deepest mysteries of the Universe.

Politics AS & A Level

Do you trust politicians? At a time when few people are engaged in politics and voting in elections is at an all-time low, now is the time to take a look at the underlying issues and ideas. Using a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, including teacher input, discussions and activities, you'll have a chance to study political ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, socialism and anarchism, plus other ideological traditions such as nationalism, feminism, ecologism and multiculturalism.

A trip to Parliament is included as part of the course and conferences will be attended and guest speakers brought in where appropriate.

Psychology AS & A Level

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. Psychologists attempt to understand human beings through careful research, which allows them to present an explanation of why people think and behave in the ways they do. A Level Psychology encourages you to think like a scientist and provides an understanding of a wide range of human behaviour.

Sociology AS & A Level

Studying sociology will give you an understanding of the social world around you and can lead to a varied and exciting career in areas such as criminal justice, youth work or even in public relations. A wide range of teaching and learning techniques are be used, including discussions, essay writing and presentations.