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Skills for Employment

Skills for Employment are preparatory qualifications which will help to build your confidence and are often the vital first step on a career path. We offer a flexible suite of qualifications designed to educate and motivate you personally and professionally, where you need it most. 

We include a variety of topics which aim to start the journey for learners so that it is interesting, enjoyable and purposeful. These courses will empower you to develop your skills and knowledge further or to progress onto a Professionals Skills course to focus on a specific career path.

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  • Level: Entry Level 3
  • Study Mode: Part-time
  • Start Date: Variable

Brighter Futures

This course has been designed by Harlow College together with the JCP specifically for parents. During the course you will study units on employment around childcare needs, making contingency plans, childcare options, child development & psychology, managing on a budget and identifying flexibility. Focusing heavily on building confidence and self-esteem, Brighter Futures covers various topics which aim to enable parents to find employment.

On completion of this course you will achieve an Entry Level 3 Certificate in Progression which includes the following units;

  • Recognising own skills for personal development
  • Teamwork skills
  • Improving assertiveness and decision making
  • Developing Skills for Gaining Employment
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Volunteering

The course involves the importance of teamwork, how to identify transferable skills, and the use of technology in the workplace. We also look at how to make the most of opportunities that may arise, including alternative ways of working such as setting up own business. 

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  • Level: Dependent on initial assessment
  • Study Mode: Part-time
  • Start Date: Variable

CV Workshops

The CV workshop is aimed at people who need support with writing an effective CV to gain employment. It will enable you to understand the importance of a CV as a tool to help finding a job and covers information such as: 

  • Identifying the key types of information that should be in a CV 
  • How to format and present your CV 
  • How to present information neatly and accurately 
  • Additional sources of information, advice and guidance when completing a CV 

By the end of the session you will have produced an Entry Level CV. On completion of this course learners can develop their knowledge by enrolling onto our Social Media for Job Prospecting or Digital Skills for Work courses to enhance their job prospects. 

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  • Level: Dependent on initial assessment
  • Study Mode: Part-time
  • Start Date: Variable

Digital Skills for Work

These single unit qualifications are designed to support you to develop the digital skills that will support you in gaining employment and to perform your job roles effectively. The aim of this qualification is to equip you with the digital skills that will be useful in a work context, including handling information, creating and editing digital content, and communicating using digital skills.

You will also learn how to operate safely and responsibly online or when using digital devices, and how to solve basic technical problems for yourself. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Using digital skills to handle work-related information 
  • Create and edit digital content for work-related purposes 
  • Using digital skills to communicate in a work context 
  • Working online and using digital devices safely and responsibly in a work context 
  • How to respond to technical problems 
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  • Level: Dependent on initial assessment
  • Study Mode: Part-time
  • Start Date: Variable

Fresh Start

Fresh start is a motivational opportunity that adopts a new approach on how to tackle the jobs market. It is aimed at individuals that need additional support with looking and applying for jobs and building their confidence of to take a fresh look at employment opportunities, to promote positivity and inspiration. Our Fresh Start tutors give the support to gain new skills that will help your journey back into work with a qualification that demonstrates the necessary skills to help gain employment.

The course includes units such as:

  • Applying for a Job
  • Communication Skills for Work
  • Interview Skills
  • Review & Reflect own Progress
  • Self-Management Skills for Work
  • Setting & Meeting Work-related Targets
  • Understand Self in Employability Context
  • Understand the World of Work
  • Working in a Team
  • Working Safely

This course will help build confidence and motivation to progress onto further courses such as a Professionals Skills course or develop your essential skills in maths, English or Digital Skills.

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  • Level: Dependent on initial assessment
  • Study Mode: Part-time
  • Start Date: Variable


Optimise has been designed for the older workers who wish to return to employment but who may not have the confidence to apply for employment in the current job market. This course has been designed specifically for the older job seeker who already has skills they have learnt through work or life experience but who need guidance on how to hone those skills to get back into the job market.

The course includes units such as;

  • Self-awareness
  • Working in a customer-friendly way
  • Producing a CV
  • Effective communication in the workplace
  • Applying for a job

Social Media for Job Prospecting

The Level 1 Award in Social Media for Job Prospecting qualification is intended to provide you with an understanding of how social media can be used when searching for a job and the risks involved in using social media. They will develop the skills to use different social media platforms to support applications for jobs. 

This qualification is designed to support you to progress into employment. However, the knowledge and skills they acquire will also be useful should you decide to progress to further learning. 

Topics covered within this course include: 

  • Know about social media platforms 
  • Know about safe and responsible use of social media 
  • Know about social media for job prospecting 
  • Be able to use social media for job prospecting 

A smart device will be required for this course, ideally a mobile phone or tablet. If you do not have access to one then we will supply one for the duration of the course.