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This is a bespoke course aiming to prepare students for future paid employment, developing working skills and independent living and working towards a Supported Internship. Its aims are to find work placements in the learners’ area of interest where they can learn new skills on the job. Students should therefore be prepared to undertake external work placements and College taster sessions. Throughout the year individuals will have taster sessions in a variety of areas, allowing more flexibility when it comes to choosing a chosen career path in the future. This course can lead to the Supported Internshipstudy programme, where our learners can experience work in real employment roles within the community while benefiting from a high level of support. Alternatively students may continue at College and progress to a Level 1 course in a number of areas.

Photography Level 3 Extended Diploma

Are you looking for a career in photography? This course will prepare you for studio and location photography working in fashion, sport, travel, food, portraits, wedding, photo journalism, forensics, teaching, fine art and many other avenues of photography. You will experience both digital and traditional photography. This course is suitable for students looking to pursue a specialist career in the creative industries. It provides students with the necessary industry relevant skills, knowledge and understanding to access appropriate entry level roles, training programmes or apprenticeships in the creative sector.

Performance – Professional Diploma

This course provides a bridge between education and the industry and/or specialist Higher training. You will experience professional weekly masterclasses and collaborations with the industry. The qualification has a holistic approach, encouraging experimentation and risk taking. It provides for you to test your creativity which stimulates and provides a supportive transition from general to more specialised study.

Performing & Production Arts Level 2

This is an excellent course for increasing self-confidence, communication and performance skills. It will provide a foundation for further study in this field and possible progression to a career in the performing arts industry. This qualification will give you a broad experience and understanding of performing arts as a collaborative activity and prepares you for the reality of working in the sector. 

Performing & Production Arts – Acting/Musical Theatre

If performing is more than just a passion, it’s a profession, then this course is designed for you. Your skills and knowledge will be enhanced. We aim to produce highly skilled, resilient, positive and versatile young performers and artists. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of the demands of professional training in the performing arts dance industry in our purpose-built and modern acting studios and 110 seated theatre. It is for anyone who wants to study dance, performing arts, musical theatre or even production arts.

Performing & Production Arts – Dance

This course is designed to produce highly skilled, passionate and versatile young performers and artists. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of the demands of professional training in the performing arts industry in our purpose-built and modern dance and acting studios and theatre. It is for anyone who wants to study dance, choreography, musical theatre, dance in education and production arts.

Philosophy A Level

This qualification is designed to give a thorough grounding in the key concepts and methods of philosophy. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the big questions in a purely secular context.

Photography A Level

The OCR A Level Photography course is a comprehensive and engaging program designed to cultivate students' artistic and technical skills in photography. This course explores various aspects of photography, including historical developments, contemporary practices, and critical analysis. Students delve into a wide range of photographic genres, such as portrait, landscape, documentary, and experimental photography, allowing them to develop a diverse portfolio of work. The course emphasises the importance of creativity, visual storytelling, and critical thinking. Throughout the curriculum, students are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of photography's cultural, social, and ethical dimensions. Assessment includes both practical coursework, written components and a final creative final assessment, fostering a well-rounded appreciation for the art and science of photography.

Physics AS/A Level

Everything can be explained using physics. From the formation of stars and galaxies, to the behaviour of atoms, and even how guitar amplifiers work, all involve an understanding of physics.

This course will give you a thorough understanding on how the principles of physics can be used to describe the world around us, using both a theoretical and experimental approach. As mathematics is the language of physics, emphasis will be placed on developing mathematical models that can be used to not only explain the physics but provide verification of experimental results.

Plumbing & Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship

Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technicians plan, select, install, service, commission and maintain all aspects of plumbing and heating systems. Plumbing and domestic heating technicians can find themselves working inside or outside a property. Customer service skills and being tidy and respectful are important qualities as they can often find themselves working in customers’ homes as well as on building sites.

Plumbing Level 2

For candidates who want to work as plumbers in the building services engineering sector. This qualification does not make candidates fully qualified plumbers but enables them to gain the relevant hand skills and knowledge through studying Health and safety, Electrical principles, Scientific principles, Plumbing processes, Cold water systems, Hot water systems, Sanitation, Central heating systems and Drainage systems.

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  • Level: 2
  • Study Mode: Part-time
  • Start Date: Tuesday, 28 November 2023

Plumbing Level 2 – Part-time


For candidates who want to work as plumbers in the building services engineering sector. This qualification does not make candidates fully qualified plumbers but enables them to gain the relevant hand skills and knowledge through studying Health and safety, Electrical principles, Scientific principles, Plumbing processes, Cold water systems, Hot water systems, Sanitation, Central heating systems and Drainage systems.

Plumbing Level 3

For those who want to work as plumbers in the building services engineering sector. This qualification does not make you a fully qualified plumber but enables you to gain the relevant hand skills and knowledge through studying cold water systems, hot water systems, sanitation, central heating systems and environmental technology systems and site procedures and planning. You will also be required to undertake a minimum of 45-day industry placement.

Policing Extended Diploma

The NCFE Level 3 Extended Diploma extends and deepens the specialist work related to Policing. There is potential for the qualification to prepare learners for appropriate direct employment into the Police Apprentice pathway. It is broadly equivalent to three A Levels. The Level 3 Extended Diploma in Policing is designed as a full time, 2-year programme for learners who wish to develop their skills and knowledge of the sector. This qualification also supports learners interested in progressing to further/higher education. 

Politics AS/A Level

Using a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, including teacher input, discussions and activities, you'll have a chance to study the politics of the UK, political theory and comparative politics. The course will enable you to develop an understanding of the local, national, international and global dimensions of political activity.

Students benefit from a trip to Parliament, The Supreme Court and attend conferences and lecturers by guest speakers.

Pre-Apprenticeship in Engineering (Machining)

Talented engineers, technicians and managers are vital to the future success of the engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors – and the opportunities are huge. This course will give you a solid foundation in the hands-on skills that employers say are vital to keep these industries running successfully - skills that you will have for life!

Preparation for Work

These courses may be free if you are seeking employment

Full list of Preparation for Work courses here

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  • Level: Entry Level 3 & Level 1
  • Study Mode: Part-time
  • Start Date: Variable

Preparing to Work in Construction (CSCS)

This programme is designed to support individuals to gain qualifications required to secure employment in the construction industry. During this course you will complete the Entry Level 3 Extended Certificate in Employability Skills which offers transferrable employability skills needed for employment such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving. This qualification is designed to enable you to develop the skills required to work within the construction environment and is tailored to the requirements of the industry. The course covers units such as self-management skills, safe learning in the workplace, preparing for interview and searching for a job. You will work collaboratively to complete the following three projects as part of a team;  

  • Project A – The self employed trades person

  • Project B – Working in the Construction Industry

  • Project C – Mental Health Awareness

During this course you will complete the Level 1 Award in Health & Safety in a Construction Environment and this will enable you to undertake the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment examination, both are required before you can apply for a CSCS card. Your tutor will guide you through the theory elements of the construction environment to enable you to pass your CITB exam. 

On successful completion of the course Harlow College will fund one CITB test (any re-takes must be self-funded) and after successfully passing your CSCS test we will fund your CSCS Green Labourer card.

Preparing to Work in Customer Service

This Level 1 Certificate for Introduction to Customer Services qualification allows you to gain the knowledge and skills required for working in customer service roles. During the course you will complete units such as applying procedures for customer service, dealing with queries and requests, recording customer problems and positive communication with customers. 

Preparing to Work in Security (SIA)

To gain employment within the security industry you will be to obtain an SIA licence. During this course you will complete three qualifications; 

The Level 1 Extended Certificate in Employability Skills focuses on developing personal and social skills to enable you to progress in to employment; it is tailored to suit requirements of the security industry. Examples of the course units you will cover are; effective communication in the workplace, individual rights and responsibilities in society, positive attitudes and behaviours at work and career progression. This programme is delivered using a project-based approach; you will work collaboratively to complete two projects as part of a team:

  • Project A – Employment in the security industry
  • Project B – working in events security

This leads onto the Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work qualification which is a new mandatory requirement that all SIA trained security staff must hold from April 2021. This qualification covers knowledge such as roles and responsibilities for the first aider, how to assess an incident, skills in CPR, providing first to a causality who is choking, and dealing with external bleeding and shock.  

Lastly you will move onto the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision which is the nationally recognised Security Industry Authority (SIA) qualification. This course is a requirement for anyone wishing to work in the security industry. It will guide you through the theory and practical elements to enable you to pass your SIA exams, including Physical Intervention, allowing you to gain employment as a Door Supervisor and work within the Manned Guarding environment.

All courses are delivered by tutors with Security Industry backgrounds and experience. Upon successful completion of your qualification, Harlow College will fund your SIA licence.

Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician

This is an Apprenticeship designed as an entry-level role into the Accountancy and / or Taxation sectors. Roles are applicable to organisations of all sizes and to Apprentices in Accountancy and Taxation Practices including finance functions in Private, Public and Charity Sector organisations. Individuals in the role of a Professional Accounting/Tax Technician will have responsibility for creating, and/or verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information within the organisation in which they are employed or on behalf of another organisation.

Professional Chef – Patisserie & Confectionery

This programme is for anyone who works or wants to work as a patisserie chef in the catering and hospitality sector. The course will give you an overview of the many elements that make up being a professional pastry chef, which is a specialised and unique role within the catering & hospitality sector. If you are an experienced professional chef ready to take your cooking skills to the next level, or a student progressing from the Level 2 Practical Cookery Programme, this course will help you by providing you with an industry-standard qualification.

ATTENDANCE PATTERN: 3½ days over 5 days
You will be expected to attend on at least three evenings per year

Professional Cookery Level 2

This hands-on programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to help you become a professional chef. It will open doors to various sectors of the food industry and provide you with many workplace essentials. Throughout this course you will gain high standard cookery skills in our state-of-the art facilities, alongside other fundamental knowledge in hygiene, health & safety, teamwork and customer care.

Psychology and Counselling - Access to Higher Education Diploma

This pathway is for those who wish to study for a Counselling and/or Psychology degree at university or undertake the Higher National Diploma at college. The Counselling Diploma programme is the most suitable route for you if you are looking to go on to study a degree in subjects such as: Psychology, Psychology with Counselling, Criminology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Education with Psychology, Sociology, Psychology with Professional Development or other similar subjects.

What is an Access to Higher Education course? 

An Access to Higher Education course is a 1 year pre-university course that prepares adults for study at university. This course is ideal if you have been out of education for a while, planning a career change or upskill in your current job. A typical Access course is 2-3 days a week, 9.30am-3pm and are taken by students of all ages and backgrounds.

Psychology AS/A Level

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. Psychologists attempt to understand human beings through careful research, which allows them to present an explanation of why people think and behave in the ways they do. A Level Psychology encourages you to think like a scientist and provides an understanding of a wide range of human behaviour.

Public Relations Level 3

This course is designed to take advantage of the growing number of jobs in PR. The course relies heavily on the use of smartphone and digital technology as you develop your communication skills to generate media campaigns, press kits, and social media content. You will learn a range of skills including how to rebrand products, write press releases, shoot media campaign videos, manage public perception, develop advertising campaigns, generate original content ideas, work with clients and crisis manage situations. So, if you want to work in a job where you get to travel, and meet interesting people, work with a range of exciting clients, including household brands, political parties, production companies, and celebrities, and influence the public then this is the course for you.

Public Services Diploma

Working in the uniformed public services can be a very rewarding experience, be it on the front line of the armed forces or helping the public as a Police Community Support Officer. On this course you will learn about the skills and qualities needed to be an effective member of the services and the types of work that you would participate in. The course is mostly academic, however throughout the course you will also complete a number of practical units which will challenge and develop both your fitness and outdoor activity skills.