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    About the course

    Prepare for a promising career in the construction industry with our comprehensive multi-skills course at Harlow College. This specialized program is designed to equip you with the essential skills in carpentry and brickwork, providing a strong foundation for your construction career. Our experienced instructors will guide you through hands-on training, ensuring you gain both knowledge and practical expertise. What sets our course apart is the seamless transition it offers to more advanced levels. Upon successful completion, you'll have the opportunity to progress to carpentry, brickwork, or multi-skills programs, setting you on the path to lucrative apprenticeships and a bright future in the construction field. 

    Entry requirements

    4 GCSEs at any grade

    How much does it cost?

    Free to those aged 16-18. If you are aged 19+ you can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan.

    There is a range of financial support that you may be entitled to, including: Learner Support funds, grants and bursaries and employer support.

    Awarding Body

    City & Guilds

    Why study?

    Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction: This module is a cornerstone, providing an in-depth understanding of safety regulations, risk assessment, and the implementation of safety measures within construction sites. You'll learn to identify and mitigate potential hazards, ensuring the well-being of yourself and your colleagues.

    Introduction to the Construction Industry: Here, you'll gain insights into the multifaceted construction industry. We'll delve into its various sectors, regulations, and the roles of different professionals, allowing you to develop a holistic view of the industry and make informed career choices


    In our Carpentry module, we provide comprehensive training that covers a range of crucial skills and techniques to set you on the path to becoming a skilled carpenter. You'll learn the art of constructing halving joints and housing joints, which are fundamental components in carpentry and woodworking, essential for creating sturdy and precise structures. We'll also focus on building hand skills using basic hand tools, honing your ability to craft intricate and precise woodwork. Safety is a paramount concern in our program, and you'll be educated in the safe and efficient use of power tools, ensuring your well-being and competence in the workshop. Additionally, you'll gain expertise in constructing linings and fixing architraves and skirting, vital aspects of interior carpentry that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space.



    Our Bricklaying module is the initial building block, providing a thorough understanding of brickwork, encompassing mortar mixing, bonding patterns, and precision brick placement techniques. "Constructing Half Brick Walling" and "Constructing Half Brick Return Corners" modules take your expertise a step further, emphasizing the intricacies of working with half-brick units, reinforcing structural integrity, and mastering corner construction.

    Moving into the realm of blockwork, the "Constructing Block Walling" module explores the techniques and principles essential for working with concrete blocks, covering aspects like block types, bonding, and grouting. In the advanced stage, "Constructing Cavity Walls in Brickwork and Blockwork" delves into the complexities of creating dual-wall structures with insulating cavities, ensuring you are well-versed in thermal and structural considerations, crucial in contemporary construction practices.

    Where will this course take me?

    Possible careers:

    • Site Carpenter
    • Bricklayer
    • Multi trade operative
    • Site Supervisor/Management   

    Our qualifications can lead directly into employment, offering learners the chance to develop their skills and knowledge to a high competency standard.

    Core modules

    Introduction to health and safety in construction

    Introduction to the construction industry  


    Constructing halving joints 

    Constructing housing joints  

    Constructing stub mortice and tenon joints  

    Constructing hatch linings  

    Fixing architraves and skirting 


    Constructing half brick walling 

    Constructing half brick return corners 

    Constructing block walling 

    Constructing cavity walls in brickwork and blockwork

    How will I be assessed?

    Practical assessment

    Multiple choice question papers 

    Will I have to provide anything?

    • Steel toe capped boots
    • Long sleeve T-Shirt
    • Durable clothing
    • Tape measure 
    • Pencils + Pens

    I'm interested. What should I do now?

    Call 01279 868100 and talk to an Admissions Adviser
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