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It's All About Commitment

We need to work together to achieve your goals 

When you enrol onto your course you will need to agree to our Student Code of Conduct.

This form focuses on your commitment to do the work needed to be successful on your course. You will need to understand how learning and teaching are structured at Harlow College and information already given to you should help you with this, for example the College’s use of daily targets.

Conditions of Entry

We will give you extensive support to enable you to achieve your daily targets. This support includes counselling, guidance, careers advice, help with university applications, teaching, tutorials and additional learning support.
In the first few weeks of your course we will score you on your aptitude for and commitment to your course. This score will be used to judge whether you are on the right course to succeed. If you are judged not to be on the right course, you would receive advice and guidance as to where you will be best placed in order to be successful.
If you haven’t achieved a grade C or above for English and/or Maths GCSE you will be required to continue to study these subjects.

You (supported by your parent(s)/carer):

  • Must attend, be punctual and achieve your daily targets, including those for English and/or Maths. If on any day (for any reason) you fail to achieve your target, you must agree with your tutor how you will achieve this target
  • Must behave reasonably whilst on the campus. If your behaviour or attitude in class/ workshops disrupts the learning of other students, then you will be required to leave the class or workshop. However, you will still be required to complete your daily targets and will need to agree with your tutor how this will be achieved
  • Must successfully complete work that is set outside of your daily targets; for example, any homework, assignments, exam preparation or revision during evenings, weekends or holidays. For courses where there is an exam/test that follows a holiday, students may be required to carry out revision during the holiday – there will then be an assessment on return from the holiday to ensure the revision has taken place.  Please note that holidays must not be booked during college weeks prior to exams.

If, at any point in your course, should your

  • Attendance
  • Progress
  • Punctuality
  • Completion of targets / work / revision / exam preparation
  • Behaviour

…. fall below the standard acceptable for your course, you will be put onto an ‘At Risk register’ and a meeting arranged with you (for students under 18 your parents will be invited to this meeting) to agree an action plan.

Your continuation on a course and permission to sit for any examination/test is dependent on the above and, if an action plan is needed, on the successful completion of the action plan.

In return for your reasonable level of hard work and behaviour, you can expect that we will provide you with extensive support and sufficient resources to enable you to be successful on your course. You can also expect to be treated with respect and courtesy by all staff. Any student who considers that he/she is not being treated with respect and courtesy or that the college is not meeting its commitment, is encouraged to raise the issue with an Assistant Academy Manager (AAM) – your AAM will be introduced to you as you start your course.

There are regular meetings of students on each course to raise any issues they may have about their course or the College in general, and you will be strongly encouraged to attend and to raise issues at these meetings.