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SafeGuard Clothing Donation to Harlow College

Harlow College has received a further donation from SafeGuard Clothing as part of the brand's continuous commitment to improving the Public Services education through the supply of bullet proof vests for local schools.

Our Public Services students will benefit from even greater ‘real life’ role play and training exercises thanks to a generous donation from SafeGuard Armour, international manufacturer and distributor of body armour and bullet proof vests. SafeGuard have kindly donated the College one of their bulletproof vests, which you can find on their website.

Donations like those provided by SafeGuard allow our Public Services students hands-on experience with the equipment they will come to use later in their careers as well as improving the quality of their educational understanding. Speaking on behalf of SafeGuard, Thomas Bowman explains: “By providing samples of our bulletproof vests we can help provide students with a unique advantage that will benefit them later in their careers, and helps them understand how protection against knives and guns actually works.”

Paul Bird, Public Service Course Leader added “These sample bullet proof vests provide not only a first-hand experience of protective equipment, but provides opportunities for role-play and specific training exercises. Unique experiences like these give our students a crucial advantage that improves the quality and enjoyment of our Public Service Programmes”.