Additional contextualised information for UCAS references – A Level department

Under normal circumstances, teaching of A Level subjects at Harlow College involves two long sessions per week: a three-hour session one morning and a two-to three-hour session one afternoon on a different day. As such, a learner receives between five and six hours of contact time with their teacher per subject per week. 

The last A Level class on site at Harlow College before COVID-19 lockdown was the morning of 18th March 2020. After this time, teachers endeavoured to adapt sessions, and associated teaching resources, to enable learners to engage with the syllabus in a distance learning capacity. In many cases, this involved teachers having to learn new platforms for delivery whilst trying to keep learners engaged with the new style of teaching, in addition to assessing how well learners were coping with the mental health pressures of lockdown. 

The new academic year in autumn 2020 started later than usual for the A Level department at Harlow College, with the first day of teaching being Monday 14th September. This was to allow additional time for implementing plans for the return of both staff and learners to campus, whilst also completing the more time-consuming processes of online enrolment for all learners. In addition to these missed sessions for the second year, A Level learners are also experiencing reduced contact time; in order to reduce the total number of learners on campus, A Level classes only run on site for the morning sessions, with afternoon sessions being delivered in a remote manner. In addition, where class numbers are too large to permit social distancing in the classroom, some learners will partake in the morning classroom sessions online, with rotas being employed to track which individuals will have lessons in a remote manner each week. For the largest classes, groups have been halved and learners get an onsite lesson every other week for that subject.

For subjects that require practical activities (the three A level sciences, Media, Photography, Art), issues with decontaminating equipment used by learners have put significant constraints on completing these practical activities. For equipment that cannot be cleaned using wipes or sprays, it needs to be left for a minimum of 72hours, as per the CLEAPSS guidance, thus reducing the frequency it can be utilised by learners and impacting on the rate at which certain practical activities can be completed. An additional constraint is the fact that, in order to limit the number of learners on campus, individuals can no longer come to college outside of their timetabled classes to utilise facilities to support their progression on programme.

These measures have been employed by Harlow College to meet government COVID-19 guidance for FE institutions whilst also reducing the chances of a large-scale outbreak, which would result in all sessions being delivered remotely. Although this policy maximises the chances of continued onsite teaching, it is clear that such measures create repercussions for the learning process; staff are reporting that they are proceeding through the syllabus at a slower rate than under normal conditions and learners are receiving less direct attention throughout all sessions, whether onsite or online. Despite these challenges, learners and staff alike have reported that they appreciate the policies designed to keep them safe and recognise the desire to ensure onsite sessions can continue, even if in a reduced capacity.

Term Dates 2020/21

Harlow College and Stansted Airport College Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn Term

Monday 14 September 2020 to Friday 18 December 2020
Half Term: 26 October 2020 to 30 October 2020

Spring Term

4 January 2021 to Friday 26 March 2021
Half term: 15 February 2021 to 19 February 2021

Summer Term

12 April 2021 to 23 July 2021
Half term: 31 May 2021 to 4 June 2021

Data Subject Access Requests

Data Protection 

Article 15 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (GDPR) grants you the right to access your personal data, if any, held by Harlow College.

Please complete the Data Subject Access Request Form if you wish to make a request in relation to your personal data.

If you prefer, you can also download, complete and post a hard copy version of the form to:

Data Protection Officer
Harlow College
Velizy Avenue
CM20 3LH

Information on our Privacy Policy is available here.

General Information 

How long will it take to get my data?

Once we are satisfied that you meet the criteria for disclosure of data under the General Data Protection Regulation, and have provided sufficient information for us to confirm your identity and accept your application for processing, you should receive a response within one calendar month from that date.

However, in certain circumstances, the GDPR allows us to extend that deadline depending on the complexity of your request. We will advise you within one month if we need to extend the response deadline.

Records may be held in several different locations in paper and electronic formats. If you only require specific information and you clearly state what that is – for example a specific document or IT-only data – then you are likely to get a quicker response.


In most cases we will not charge a fee to comply with a subject access request. However, where the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive we may charge a “reasonable fee” for the administrative costs of complying with the request.

NOTE: This is not a mandatory form – Subject Access Requests made in other formats will also be accepted but this form is designed to help you in providing us with the information we need to deal with your request and speed up the process.

Travel info

Posted in Here to Help 

UPDATE: Due to latest COVID restrictions Arriva have announced a temporary reduction in service on the following routes: 

Route 508, 509 & 510
Route 86

These restrictions will be in place from Thursday 5th November until further notice.

Students are eligible for discounted travel on the majority of routes to College. The level of discount will vary depending on whether you are in receipt of a College bursary. 

Bus Travel

Return Fares to Harlow Town Centre from: Harlow, Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth, Epping, Loughton, Waltham Abbey, Hertford & Ware

Harlow College Arriva Gold Pass FREE You are entitled to a GOLD travel pass if you are in receipt of a tier 1 college Bursary
Harlow College Arriva Silver Pass £1.50 You are entitled to a SILVER travel pass if you are in receipt of a tier 2 college Bursary
Harlow College Standard Student Pass 25% discount on standard fare You are entitled to this discount on the standard fare by booking either a weekly, monthly or annual ticket

Arriva bus timetables can be found here

Discounts are as follows and are available from Arriva online

Harlow College – Student
Harlow Zone
Day £3.80 £2.85 25% 454613
Week £13.50 £10.12 25% 454613
4-Week £48.00 £36.00 25% 454613
Annual £445.00 £333.75 25% 454613
Harlow College – Student
All Zone
Week £24.00 £18.00 25% 317369
4-Week £74.00 £55.50 25% 317369
Annual £695.00 £521.25 25% 317369


Return bus fares to Harlow Town Centre from: Ongar, Epping, North Weald & Hoddesdon, Cheshunt, and Waltham Cross

Harlow College Trusty Bus GOLD Pass  FREE You are entitled to a GOLD travel pass if you are in receipt of a tier 1 college Bursary
Harlow College Trusty Bus SILVER Pass Weekly cost - £5.80 Daily cost - £1.90
Payable to driver
You are entitled to a SILVER travel pass if you are in receipt of a tier 2 college Bursary
Harlow College Standard Student Pass

Weekly cost - £12.50
Daily cost - £3.30
Payable to driver

You are entitled to this discount on the standard fare by presenting your student pass to the driver when paying

Trusty Bus timetables are available here


Train Travel

If you are a student aged 16 to 18 and travel by train you will be entitled to discounts using the Greater Anglia Scholar pass. If you are aged 16-17 you are also entitled to the 16-17 railcard, each  providing up to 50% discount on the standard fare. You are entitled to further discounts or free travel if you are in receipt of the College bursary.   

Further information about the college bursary can be found here

Uttlesford to Harlow College and Stansted Airport College Bus Service

Students from the towns and villages of Uttlesford and East Hertfordshire are able to travel directly to and from Harlow College and Stansted Airport College using our College Chartered Bus Service.

This service is exclusively available to Harlow College and Stansted Airport College students enrolling on full time courses and apprenticeships and offers them a safe and reliable service with the following benefits: 

  • Reliable private service for college students only
  • On campus drop off and collection
  • Covid-19 safety measures in place
  • Subsidised fares
  • Local family run coach company

The service will be changing this year to accommodate the college timetables moving to half day onsite learning due to Covid-19. There will be both am and pm return journeys each day to ensure students do not have to wait between classes and travel.  

Travel costs are payable directly to the coach company monthly, spread over 9 months from September to May. Some students may be eligible for free travel through the college bursary scheme. For advice and details on financial assistance, the College Bursary or travel, please contact a member of the Bursary team:

Tel: 01279 868057  email:    web:


Fares are as detailed below and include flexible travel 5 days a week during term time



















































Current route details can be found below. If you live along a route but your village/town doesn’t appear then do contact us as we may be able to add your location. 

To book a place on either route please contact . Places are popular and limited so early contact is advised.

Route 1

07:40  & 11.55| Great Dunmow

07:50  & 12.05| Takeley

07:59 & 12.14 | Hatfield Broad Oak

08:04 & 12.19 | Hatfield Heath

08:16 & 12.31| Sawbridgeworth

08:21 & 12.36| Sawbridgeworth

08:45 & 13.00| Harlow College

Homeward journeys will leave from the College front entrance at 1.15pm and 5.05pm

Route 2

07:16 & 11.31| Saffron Walden

07:25 & 11.40 | Newport

07:30 & 11.45 | Quendon

07:32 & 11.47| Ugley

07:42 & 11.57| Elsenham

07:48 & 12.03| Stansted Mountfitchet

07:53 & 12.08| Stansted Airport College

08:05 & 12.20| Bishops Stortford

08:45 & 13.00| Harlow College

Homeward journeys will leave from the College front entrance at 1.15pm and 5.05pm


Stansted Airport College

Stansted Airport Commuter Centre Travelcard

All Stansted Airport College students are entitled to purchase a travelcard from the Stansted Airport Commuter Centre. This travelcard is at a discounted rate to standard fares and may work out as the cheapest option to get to College. 

Appointments must be made with the Commuter Centre directly to get your first travelcard, all renewals thereafter can be done with them online or over the phone. 

More information on prices and routes

Other Discounts Available

Depending on how many days you are timetabled to attend College, it may be cheaper for you to purchase daily or weekly tickets directly with the bus/train provider.

Plan your route to College and find out which bus/train provider you need

Please find below some of the student discounts available. Other providers may also offer a student discount so we suggest researching online to find out what is available to you.

Arriva Bus 

Arriva offer a 25% student discount via their Harlow College Smartcards. These are available to get from the College at enrolment, or anytime from the STAR Agency.

National Rail

16-17 Railcard – For students aged 16-17 this costs £30 per year and gets you 50% off standard adult fares.*

16-25 Railcard – For students aged 16-25 this costs £30 per year and gets you 1/3 off standard adult fares.*

National Express Bus

National Express offer a Young Persons Coachcard which costs £15 a year and gets you 1/3 off standard adult fares.*

*Terms and Conditions apply to all, please be sure to read the travel provider’s terms thoroughly before purchasing.

If you need help planning your route to College, or have any questions about travel, feel free to contact us by e-mail at .

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