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Bodyswaps launches its Career Mindset Development programme

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Bodyswaps is proud to announce its partnership with Harlow College, Writtle University College, South Essex College, Bridgend College, Sandwell College and the London Screen Academy to pilot its new Career Mindset Development programme.

As part of a grant received from Ufi VocTech Trust, Bodyswaps is developing an immersive learning solution which will enable Further Education students to practise their job interview and professional communication skills with engaging, safe and realistic virtual reality scenarios.  Furthermore, students will get valuable performance feedback from their career advisor through Bodyswaps’ newly launched Career App.

“In today’s climate, it can be especially daunting for anyone just starting out,” said Bodyswaps CEO Christophe Mallet. “Employers expect candidates to arrive in the workplace with ready-made soft skills. With Bodyswaps, students get the opportunity to practise and perfect those all-important soft skills in a psychologically safe environment.”

Throughout the Career Mindset Development programme, Bodyswaps is working closely with its partners to measure engagement and learning performance with a view to deploying the programme at scale for the Further Education market later this year.

“At Ufi VocTech Trust we know that getting cutting edge technology making a difference for adult learners requires strong partnerships between innovative ventures like Bodyswaps and educators in colleges, training providers, and workplaces. This strong partnership with several colleges and academies will allow Bodyswaps to support learners to develop their soft and interpersonal skills using Bodyswaps’ distinctive VR-based learning model, bringing the benefits of high-end soft skills training to everybody,” Joe Ludlow, Impact Investment Director, Ufi Ventures.

David Monk, E-Learning Development Coordinator at Harlow College, said: “Bodyswaps is a tremendous opportunity for our learners to enter into, and make judgements on behaviour in the workplace through virtual reality and for Harlow College to be part of an exciting new venture that so well matches our strapline, careers, not courses.”